Recirculating Zone Control Panel


This panel is designed as a manifold station that provides constant circulation in the floor piping system. There is no supply water temperature control in the panel.

The panel operates primarily as a single zone system maintaining the average space temperature. A diverting valve cycles the heat-input on/off to match the average heat load requirement in the zone. Fluid circulates from the heat source to the panel and through the floor piping. When the zone is satisfied, the diverting valve closes the path to the heat source and removes the external enable signal from the heat source. The fluid continuously circulates in the floor piping, providing even heat distribution both on heat up and cool down cycles.
Balancing valves with flow indicators on the return manifold allow the user to adjust and visually monitor the flow rates of each loop. Valves on the supply and return manifolds allow each loop to be isolated when necessary.

The operation is controlled by closure of an external dry contact. An example of devices that can provide this are: two and three wire room thermostats, programmable thermostats, set point controls, indoor/outdoor reset controls, integrated building controls, etc.
A control module contains a 24V transformer, a circulator relay, a dry contact enable, and an adjustable high limit which prevents the supply fluid from exceeding the desired temperature.

The control panel includes:

  • Supply manifold with shut off valves
  • Return manifold with shut off valves and provision for valve actuators
  • Flow rate indicators on return
  • Control module
  • Circulator
  • Diverting valve
  • Pressure and temperature gauges
  • Fill/drain valves
  • Isolating valves
  • Automatic air vent
  • Steel cabinet