HPSI has been established to design and manufacture preassembled manifold stations for hydronic heating/cooling systems.

These units became very popular in recent years and HPSI will continue to supply existing customers who are already familiar with the benefits. The other main objective is to promote the use of these preassembled manifold stations to further increase the customer base.
The company manufactures standard configurations in tune with the most often used applications. The standard design is selected based on the most often used configurations in hydronic heating.

  • Single zone manifold station is the basic use of manifolds to distribute the heating fluid in to the floor piping loops.
  • Single zone manifold station with circulator included utilizes the concept of using a single circulator to control the zone. The circulator is turned on/off on demand acting as zone valve in the system.
  • Both configurations can be converted into multi zone systems by adding loop valve controls to the manifold. This is represented by the multi zone manifold stations in the selection.
  • The most popular version of the single zone manifold stations is the recirculating unit. In this configuration the fluid is constantly circulating in the floor loops providing the most even heat distribution possible. When heat is needed the liquid is diverted to flow through the heat source.
  • A specific application is outdoor heating/melting systems. Snowmelt systems require much higher heat output then indoor heating systems.
  • There are two standard units that provide supply temperature control for the floor loops within the panel. One has a built in tempering valve accepting any supply temperature but limiting the output to the value set by the valve.
  • The other provides sophisticated variable temperature control to meet the optimum requirements for the radiant heating piping.
  • One very specific application is the unit with a built in heat exchanger. To connect radiant heating to a domestic water heater the heating fluid should be isolated from the domestic water. The other usual application when the heat source operates on a different type of fluid than the heating side.

Custom designed and built units are also available for special installations. HPSI builds custom units on specific demands. Working with design engineers the optimum configuration is defined for the given application. Based on the design specification the company manufactures these special panels to the highest standard.